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Bloxham Students Celebrating Shakespeare!

Saturday 23rd April marks 400 years since the death of one of the greatest playwrights in history and Bloxham School is delighted to be taking part in nationwide celebrations to mark this important occasion.

Throughout today, students’ lessons will include a Shakespearean theme, with teachers reciting famous soliloquies, sharing snippets of their preferred adaptations, or playing a favourite piece of suitable music. There are a number of montages on display throughout the school, creating a fitting tribute to a key personality in British history.

Highlights from today's festivities have included Drama classes reciting Shakespeare's Sonnet 18 using special theatrical techniques; and Biology classes learning all about Elizabethan ailments and the traditional remedies that doctors of old suggested to cure them. Sixth Form English classes enjoyed making their very own "Shakespeare Selfie" masks this morning and many students took part in a quest around the school site, hunting for clues and Shakespearean props.

See further pictures from today's activities on our Flickr profile.