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OBs Discuss the Digital World

On 8th May on Whitehall, we held a hugely insightful Old Bloxhamist Careers Networking Event, focusing on The Digital Future.

We heard from two expert speakers, Nick Wright (Ry 89-94), a digital marketing specialist, and Andy Watterson (Ry 91-92), cyber security and digital strategist. Nick spoke about his experience with some of the world’s largest brands, including Diageo, GSK, BP and most recently, as director of marketing operations at Heathrow Airport. Nick gave an insight into our changing digital landscape, he spoke about effective marketing investment to achieve measurable results, the power of data, brand governance and marketing analytics.

Leading on, we then heard from Andy who previously worked as digital economy fellow at the British Chamber of Commerce where he represented 100,00 businesses and over five million employees. Andy spoke about what businesses will look like in the future, 5G technology and the rise in agile working. Commenting on the future, and the importance of creativity, Andy advised: “Everything is changing in our digital landscape and now, it is all about people. Keep your eyes open and keep working hard all the time.”

Following the talks, we held a lively Q&A session, chaired by OB Resident Secretary Simon Batten. Damien Trevatt (Cr 89-94), CEO and Co-Founder of, and Richard Thompson (Ry 76-81), Business Development Manager at Idemia, joined the panel. Attendees asked a range of questions on topic ranging from privacy, digital identity and integrity, AI, Facebook profiling, influential marketing and worldwide legislation and policy issues, which led to thought provoking and inspiring discussion.

These events have so far proved incredibly useful for our community - Old Bloxhamists, staff and former staff, parents and students – with attendees past and present commenting on how grateful and fortunate they feel to have such high levels of expertise within our network.

To see a few photos from the evening, please click here.

We were extremely grateful to our speakers, panelists and attendees for creating such a successful networking event.