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Sixth Form Seminar Series - Ben Kane, How a Vet Became a Bestselling Author

Bloxham School Sixth Form Seminar Series Ben Kane Vet WriterBloxham School's Sixth Form Seminar Series is a new programme of lectures, designed to engage and inspire our pupils' interests across a wide range of topics beyond the A-Level syllabus.

The Seminar Series forms part of our wider enrichment programme, which aims to nurture our pupils' passion for learning and independent thinking, whilst also equipping them for their lives beyond Bloxham School (both at the Higher Educational level and within the employment sector more broadly). This is a wonderful opportunity for our Sixth Form pupils to meet a range of highly prestigious speakers from an array of different backgrounds, academic disciplines and areas of expertise.

Our second lecture of the Lent term will be taking place on Friday 3rd March (5-6pm) in the Great Hall:

Lecture Title: How a Vet Became a Bestselling Author, by Ben Kane
Kenya born, Irish by blood and UK resident, Ben Kane's passion for history has seen him change career from veterinary medicine to writing, and taken him to more than 60 countries, and all 7 continents. During his travels and subsequent research, including walking hundreds of miles in complete Roman military gear, he has learned much about the Romans and the way they lived. Eight of his ten novels have been Sunday Times top ten bestsellers, and his books are published in twelve languages; a million copies have sold worldwide. He lives in Somerset with his wife and children, where he writes full time.

The lecture programme will be published on a termly basis and guests are very welcome to attend, including our parent/guardian body, OB alumni and other members of the wider community. If you are interested in attending any of the lectures advertised, then please email Renata Looke to reserve a seat.