Congratulations to First Form student Daniel M. who has been named Young Cartoonist of the Year by the British Cartoonists’ Association.

Daniel has always had a passion for drawing and over the past year developed a series of giraffe cartoons, where the small girraffe tries to gain the attention of the tall giraffe whose head is always out of frame. After discovering the competition in a magazine, he knew he had the perfect piece to submit.

His entry of “nice hat!” impressed the judges and Daniel won the under-18s category with astonishing precociousness. The judges said that 11 year-old Daniel produced an image to bring a smile to viewers after a year of bad news. Martin Rowson, cartoonist for The Guardian and the judge and chair of the British Cartoonists Association, called it a ‘simple sight gag’ which was, in his opinion, ‘New Yorker good’.

When I heard I had won the award, I was ecstatic and was jumping around excitedly for the rest of the day!”.’When asked about his future plans, Daniel said “I would definitely like to pursue a creative career; animation is something I’m especially keen on.”

The competition is said to be a strong indicator of future success and we look forward to seeing Daniel’s passion develop in the coming years.