We are delighted to announce Bloxham’s new School Captains and Prefects, selected for academic year 2021-22

Congratulations to all those who have been selected for these positions, which play a pivotal role in the life of the school. Each of our Captains and Prefects will do a fantastic job of representing the rest of the student body by providing feedback to staff and setting a good example to their peers.

Head Girl – Lucy T.
Head Boy – William H.

Lucy and Will, our new School Captains, kindly provided a few lines on what they’re most excited for in their new roles. ‘Lucy explained:

I’am looking forward to working with Will, providing positive role models to Bloxham’s young people. Continuing from Sophie and George’s time as School Captains, I am looking forward to strengthening and building the Bloxham community further as we all move towards a new normal. I hope to help achieve a smooth transition for incoming pupils, as well as current pupils who have not had the opportunity to participate in the full Bloxham experience so far.

Will supported Lucy’s sentiments in his own statement, saying:

After a year of school life being disrupted, I’m excited to ensure the smoothest integration for the new pupils whilst building on the school and house community which has changed over the past year. This will be a challenge I’m sure the new prefect team will be more than up for.

The names of our newly elected House Captains and School Prefects are given below, including their particular Prefect role where applicable.

House Captains

Crake Captain – Tristain A
Egerton Captain – Edmund B
Exham Captains – Holly M & Rowan T
Merton Captain – Craig M
Raymond Captain – Issy B
Seymour Captain – Ben K
Stonehill Captain – Zoe B
Wilberforce Captain – Millie R
Wilson Captain – Will L-J


Josh A – Exham Prefect
Pippa L – Exham Prefect
Annie C – Third Form Prefect
Henry S – Third Form Prefect
Leah Ng – Fourth and Fifth Form Prefect
Alex M – Fourth and Fifth Form Prefect
Stanley D – Head of Guests and Tours
Gemma A – Head of Guests and Tours

School Sacristans

Zoe A – Charity Prefect

Charlie P –Charity Prefect