On Monday, we welcomed students and their parents to the Great Hall for our Bloxham Careers UCAS and Higher Education Conference.

The conference brought together insights from higher education and graduate labour market experts and discussed various study options at the post-18 level, whilst analysing the employment prospects for university and degree apprenticeship graduates.

We were fortunate to welcome Martin Birchall, the founder and Managing Director of High Fliers Research (an organisation which annually tracks the career plans and aspirations of final year students at the UK’s leading universities). Martin is also editor of The Times Top 100 Graduate Employers and he regularly appears on the BBC and the Today programme on Radio 4. We also welcomed Alan Jones, a Professional Development Executive from UCAS headquarters who talked to our guests about the important ‘behind-the-scenes’ processing of student applications. Finally, guests heard from Crimson Education, who gave important advice to students wishing to apply to universities overseas, especially the USA.

Thank you to Dr Evans for organising this engaging and interesting event; a brilliant opportunity for students to learn about their future options.