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Bloxham_WillBrownSince its foundation over 150 years ago, Bloxham School has prided itself on its ability to nurture well-rounded, independently-minded and compassionate young people, with the skills and qualities needed to build successful and fulfilling lives.

Inkeeping with the vision of our founder, Philip Egerton, Bloxham continues to be a Christian foundation school, focussed on preparing its students for the "business of life", with, and for, the benefit of others. Over the years, the school has grown from a handful to over 430 students, become co-educational and added a range of fantastic new facilities; yet none of this would have been possible without the backing and vision of our supporters. 

Philanthropy has long been a part of the Bloxham story and the school's progress owes a great deal to the generosity of our well-wishers. The last major development campaign resulted in a new library, an extension to the Music Department and new art studio. Smaller gifts have provided for improvements to the astro-pitches and new raked seating in the Great Hall. To view our School Donor Map, please click here. The school has a growing bursary fund, made possible by the support of our legacy society and through the kindness of many of our parents who generously waive the deposit fee when their child leaves Bloxham.

The Development Office works closely with the school's Leadership and Governing bodies to channel the gifts and donations we receive into projects and activities which will see Bloxham flourish in the future. If you would like to find out more please contact Annabel Gulliver, Allumni and Development Officer: [email protected]

To view our school timeline, charting the development of Bloxham School since it's foundation, please click here.