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Bloxham School Fees

In recognition of the sacrifices made by some of our parents to allow their children to reap the benefits of a Bloxham education, our Council of Governors strive to ensure that our fees stay as low as possible.

The termly fees for the academic year beginning September 2020 are below and downloadable here:

Senior School (Third Form to Upper Sixth):

Overseas Boarders: £12,075

Boarders: £11,565

Day Boarders: £8,855
(Inclusive of all meals, including breakfast when boarding)

Day House: £5,900
(Inclusive of lunch and snacks, but not breakfast or supper)

Lower School (First and Second Form):

Boarders: £8,855

Day: £6,175
(Inclusive of lunch and snacks)

Bloxham offers provision for boarding, day boarding and day. Boarding offers a full or weekly boarding experience; Day boarding includes occasional boarding and entitles students to stay for supper and a supervised programme (including prep) until 9.00pm; Day House does not cater for boarding and students will usually be expected to leave at 6.00pm. Regardless of their boarding status, all students will enjoy the same high standards of all-round education, excellent pastoral care and access to facilities. More information about the three tiers and associated fees is available here. All school fees include core curricular materials and activities, including day trips, and some whole-year activity camps. Extra charges are only added for voluntary activities and purchases, and parental authority is obtained in advance for any costs over £40. Overnight stays for day boarders are charged at £57 a night.

Fees bills are sent out by our Finance Manager, Mr Laurence Hegarty, at or near the end of the previous term and payable by the week before the term for which they apply. Arrangements can be made for fees to be paid by monthly direct debit with a modest administrative charge. The bill consists of the core fees, any extra charges (which are billed in arrears) and a number of optional insurances. We also offer a very attractive fees in advance scheme for those with the means to pay a lump sum in advance. This remains as a credit on the fee account and can be refunded at any time. It offers a beneficial discount rate compared to most deposit interest rates. For more detail, please view the following Finance pages from our Joining Pack

Please contact Laurence using the contact information below should you have any questions regarding Bloxham School fees.

Say hello…

We would love to show you around the school on either a personal visit or on an Open Day.

Please email our Head of Admissions, Lorraine Roper, to arrange a visit, or for any other enquiries regarding admissions and entry requirements.

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