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Scholarship Application Form

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This is the combined application form for scholarships at 11+, 13+ and 16+. We offer a number of awards each year, with the value of scholarships worth up to 10% of fees. Exhibitions are also awarded and these come with a smaller reduction in fees. Means tested bursaries may also be available. If there is a minimum award which would enable entry to the school, parents should write to the Headmaster before the examination.

Child Information

*Age group entry level:

*This application is for (please tick all that apply):

* Automatically accessed at 11+ based on performance in Entrance Exams.    ** Not available at 11+

Parent/Guardian Information


We will inform your child’s current school of your application and request references. You may provide additional references from out of school clubs or teams.


I hereby undertake that the above named person will not be a candidate for a scholarship or exhibition at Bloxham School while being an elected candidate for any other school without the permission of the Headmaster or Headmistress of the other school; and further that he or she will not, after election to a scholarship or exhibition at Bloxham School, become or continue to be a candidate at any other school without the permission of the Headmaster of Bloxham School.