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Bloxham School Bursaries

Headmaster's Lawn at Bloxham School, OxfordshireHere at Bloxham School we recognise the significant sacrifices that many parents make to enable their children to benefit from a private school education. In this vein, we are pleased to be able to offer financial assistance to some of those families in the form of means-tested bursaries.

Bursaries can be obtained either in conjunction with a scholarship or without one and bring with them a reduction in school fees. Those who wish to apply for financial assistance should first complete our registration process. You will then be asked to complete a confidential statement of financial affairs, upon which a bursary offer will be made.

The Raymond Trust, built on a legacy from Roger Raymond, an Old Bloxhamist, funds a limited number of full-fee bursaries with recommendations for Raymond Scholarships given by the Headmaster, Paul Sanderson.

Forces Bursaries are available to those parents registered to be paying the fees and who are not in receipt of a Continuity of Education Allowance (CEA) or a similar employment related award.

We are aware that some current parents may face temporary or longer-term difficulty in paying fees and, as long as we are given prompt notification of a problem, we will work closely with them to manage their fee payments for the benefit of their children's education at Bloxham.

Through the generous legacies of various Old Bloxhamists and deposit donations from some current parents, we are building up an endowment fund to enable future generations to receive financial support to study at Bloxham. If you are interested in making a donation yourself, please contact the Bursar for further details.

If you would like to organise an informal meeting to further discuss any of bursarial information above, please speak to the Bursar, Charlie Little using the contact information below.

Say hello…

Please contact our Head of Admissions, Lorraine Roper, to arrange a visit, or for any other enquiries regarding admissions and entry requirements.

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