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Being of Service

‘We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give’ – Winston Churchill

Being of service to others, by not just taking but giving, sits at the core of our Christian values. Kindness, self-sacrifice and giving without expecting anything in return are values that we prize and are often learned in community living.

The service programme at Bloxham focuses on giving students opportunities to foster and develop a sense of responsibility and a feeling of care towards all fellow human beings. It involves each student giving his or her time and effort to benefit another individual or group without expecting a reward.

Each year Bloxham pupils take part in an aspect of community service. Every Sixth Former is expected to take part in helping to run an activity for the benefit of those in the wider community and this ranges from coaching sports sessions to the ‘boys secret reading club’. Most students at Bloxham take part in the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme which contains a major component of service. In the Third and Fourth Forms students undergo service activities which range from CCF to visiting the elderly. Every year all students participate in a ‘House Day’ which is when the entire school undertakes a day of Service.

As a school we have undertaken a commitment to not only provide service projects to our local community but also to the wider world and in recent years have undertaken an ecological project in Honduras and a humanitarian project for an orphanage in Kenya. Many of the Services include training and lead to a nationally-recognised qualification, such as First Aid Certificate and the Sports Leaders Award.

Service helps students to develop a sense of social responsibility and sensitivity towards people from different backgrounds and circumstances. Putting others before oneself is a commitment and a discipline that will live with them as they go through life.

"A strong sense of community and of communal responsibility permeates relationships throughout and directly contributes to the pupils' well-being" ISI