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The school Chaplaincy is available to all students and it is a place where they can receive encouragement, explore matters of faith and seek advice. It is an important contributor to our pastoral care team, with the Chaplain leading a team of staff and students.

The Chaplain, in addition to being a member of ordained clergy, is a listening ear, a guiding hand, a challenging voice and a comforting presence. They regularly lead our weekly act of collective worship as well as morning prayers for those who wish to go, and they oversee the Pause for Thought Programme. The Chaplain helps to co-ordinate the Community Service Programme, in which all students are encouraged to participate, and leads a team of students and staff who promote the role of the chaplaincy within the school and wider community.

Bloxham is proud of its Christian heritage and the Chaplaincy is central to ensuring that compassion is instilled in all our community members.