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Senior Girls' Boarding House - Raymond House

Raymond House is situated on the main campus tucked between Seymour House and Exham House. Walking from the inner quad, Raymond is past the Great Hall through the tunnel on the right, with its colourful name hanging on the door.

Raymond House consists of three corridors of rooms.  There are usually about 60 girls in the house, split into five year groups. Third Form pupils share four dormitory rooms on the top floor of the house.  When and where possible full-time boarding pupils in the Fourth and Fifth Forms are allocated a single room, however, this cannot always be guaranteed.  What is guaranteed is that every pupil will be allocated their own bed, desk, set of shelves and lockable facility. 

In addition to the House’s Main Common Room located on the ground floor, there is a kitchen and small common room on every floor which can be used by any pupil boarding or day.

This year, the House Captain is Freya Hart. 

House contact details Raymond House

Housemistress - 01295 724310

Matron - 01295 724317

You can follow Raymond House on Twitter: @Bloxham_Raymond


Jude Single holds the role as Raymond Housemistress. After 20 years in boarding education, Jude has been involved in everything from house duties to drama teaching, UCAS interviews to public events, school plays to running a Social Centre. Jude teaches drama at Bloxham, and in her spare time enjoys visiting the gym, swimming and reading. 

Assistant Housemistress

Linda Hunt became Assistant Housemistress of Raymond in 2016. Linda completed her degree in English Literature at Glasgow University in 2013 and then went straight into a Teach First placement, before completing her PGCE. Whilst at university, she achieved the rank of Junior Under Officer in the Officer Training Corps, which offered lots of opportunities alongside military training. Alongside English, Linda's other passions include singing, keeping fit, Highland dancing, watching rugby and cooking healthy meals for family and friends.

Raymond Tutor Team

On joining Bloxham, each student is assigned a tutor. Tutors mentor and guide their tutees, monitoring and supporting their academic, spiritual, social, and physical development. They are in regular touch with a student’s home, to share with parents and guardians how the student is developing, passing on information and sharing ideas about how each individual can be helped to mature and grow.

Sally Britten-Snell has been a tutor in Raymond for thirteen years. She is married with three children, all now at university. Sally is the Wardrobe Mistress at Bloxham and helps the Drama Department with all the various drama productions that take place over the course of the year.

Julian Moyle teaches English, as well as being Master of Scholars here at Bloxham. He is a Sixth Form tutor in Raymond. Julian enjoys travelling. His literary interests are broad and he also likes to listen to music and visit art galleries. He has followed Liverpool Football Club for the last 30 years. Julian lives with his wife, Emma, and son, Tommy, in the village.

Elena Lesu joined Bloxham in 2016 as a languages teacher. Elena is passionate about languages, speaking four fluently although she could also add Latin, which she has studied for five years and finds very interesting! Music plays an important role in Elena's life and she has studied the piano for almost 13 years. She enjoys swimming and travelling, which is when being able to speak different languages comes in very handy! 

Karla Perera joined Bloxham as Head of Biology last September. She obtained her degree from the Royal Veterinary College, before pursuing a PhD in molecular genetics. Originally from Northern Ireland, Karla has a self-deprecating sense of humour and a few interesting colloquialisms (her accent has waned after five years teaching in Oxfordshire). She is a keen rugby fan and supports her home team, Ulster. Karla also enjoys baking and cake decorating.

Christine McCaffrey is Head of Languages at Bloxham. She studied French, Italian and Japanese at university and has used her languages to travel around the world. She loves discovering different cultures, music, cooking, cycling and running. Christine enjoys reconnecting with student life via her two children who have recently left home. She is also a 3F - 5F tutor in Raymond.

Azita Kazem