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Pastoral Care

Ours is an inclusive and caring community, founded on a whole-school commitment to every child’s wellbeing. As a smaller school, everyone is known and cared for according to their individual needs, by people who believe in them and have a desire to help them to become the best that they can be.

At the heart of our pastoral care are our houses. Prior to their arrival at Bloxham School, each child is assigned to a house, and to a tutor, who is responsible for their development. The tutor meets with each tutee every week and, together with the housemaster or housemistress, will oversee the student’s curriculum programme as well as their welfare and personal development.

Bloxham is a boarding school which warmly welcomes day students. We recognise that a one-sized approach to boarding does not suit all children and that students' needs change as they develop. Therefore, we offer flexible options for boarding and day, including full, weekly and occasional boarding; or none.  Whichever option, each student can be confident they will enjoy our gold standard of pastoral care. 

"The quality of the pupils' personal development is excellent." ISI