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Studying Theology at Bloxham School

Theology is interesting and fun because it covers so many subject areas, including literature, history, philosophy, art, culture and media. We study theology in a non-confessional way and some of our best theology students have had no strong personal religious faith.

Theology in the Lower School

In the First Form we spend a term on each of the following topics: the Old Testament, the Gospel Accounts, and the Early Church, as well as focus on theological language. Alongside traditional teaching students complete a mini-research project to write a newsletter and spend half a term working on a poster presentation. In the Second Form we spend half a term on Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism. We also spend half a term learning communications skills for religion, leading to a live international video-conference in partnership with the Tony Blair Faith Foundation Face to Faith programme.

Theology in the Third Form upwards

In Third Form students are split into sets. Sets 1, 2 and 3 spend a year doing an AQA Higher Extended Project (Level 2) based on ethics and current affairs. They learn the basics of ethical theory and build their own research handbooks. Students also complete a guided independent research project, working in small research groups, write a dissertion and present their work. Successful completion of the project is equivalent to earning a GCSE Grade A* to C.

Set 4 start their GCSE course now. We do the AQA Specification A Paper 1, Christianity, as a short course. As far as possible, the first two years of the course are taught with minimal dependence on reading or writing to allow those with communication difficulties (dyslexia, dyspraxia or language issues) to engage fully. This set follows a modified course right through to GCSE.

Theology in the Sixth Form

In the Lower Sixth students study for the AQA AS in religious studies, completing two papers: religion, art and media and the New Testament. The course is delivered through seminar teaching, media resources, web-based activities and independent research and essay writing. Those who choose to continue with the subject into the Upper Sixth study for the AQA A2 in religious studies, completing two papers: religion and art and the synoptic paper religion and the visual arts.

Theology is a popular subject with those who enjoy debate and like to think for themselves. Personal faith is optional, but students need an interest in how and why people follow religion. The focus on art and culture means this is an attractive option for students who are artistic or who have an interest in art and culture.