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Studying Physical Education at Bloxham School

Physical education plays a part in the school as one of the National Curriculum core subjects. Bloxham enjoys fantastic facilities for a wide range of physical activities either on or off campus. Physical education is a popular and useful GCSE and A Level subject for those whose interests lie in this area.

Physical education in the Lower School

In Lower School, pupils experience a variety of activities including gymnastics, swimming, and athletics, developing physical literacy and fundamental motor skills. 

Physical education in the Middle School

In the Third, Fourth and Fifth Forms we build upon the skills learned in the first two years. Fourth and Fifth Form students also play racquet sports.

For those who want to develop their skills and knowledge further, there is opportunity to do GCSE PE with the OCR examination board. This involves assessment in three practical sports, one piece of coursework and two theory examinations.

Physical education in the Sixth Form

Students who wish to study physical education at A Level should have a passion for sport and be able to play to a high level in one sport. The A Level course covers several different areas in and around sport and as such is considered to be like that of a science and essay related subject by many universities. The A Level often leads people on to careers in sports science, physiotherapy, teaching, coaching and other jobs in the sports industry. 

In addition to A Level, we offer a Level 3 National Extended Certificate in Sport (Pearson BTEC National), which gives a broad base of study for the sports sector. The course components will focus on: Anatomy and Physiology, Fitness Training, Application of Fitness Testing and professional development in the sports industry. 

Assessment: 67% External (examination), 33% Internal (practical and assignment based). 

Sport scholarships

Here at Bloxham, we are proud to offer sport scholarships. These scholarships are offered at 13+ and 16+ and more information can be found, including entry requirements, on our scholarships webpage.

Teaching staff

You can find out more about our teaching staff in the Meet the Team pages.