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Learning Support at Bloxham School

Every child will need some support in their learning at some stage in their school career. This can include the Oxbridge candidate who requires extra help in study skills to reach an A* or the dyslexic student who requires frameworks for extended pieces of writing.

At Bloxham we aim to provide strategies to help students succeed. We have a dedicated team to help with a broad range of learning support needs. These range from dyslexia and dyspraxia to visual and hearing impairments to supporting those whose first language is not English.

Students may receive individual lessons with learning support teachers or be included in small group literacy support. Our specially designed learning support facilities are geared towards fostering a love of learning with informal round tables, multi-sensory resources, a focus on wellbeing and building self-confidence.

Our learning support service takes a holistic approach and its work is integrated across the school in both academic and pastoral settings. The team works closely with teaching and house staff to ensure that needs are recognised and responded to promptly and sympathetically.

Ongoing communication with parents is vital and we work closely with families to make sure that each student receives the best support tailored to their individual needs.

We believe that learning support needs are not a barrier to success and most of our students go on to get top results and places at university.

Our Head of Learning Support is Ms Eleanor Russell (PG Cert in Children with Literacy Difficulties, AMBDA accreditation from the BDA). Read our Q&A with Eleanor here. Eleanor is pleased to discuss our provision for Learning Support with any family requiring more information and advice. She can be contacted on 01295 724339 or via [email protected].