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Studying Latin at Bloxham School

Latin is available as an option throughout Bloxham. All students in the Lower School study Latin. Those who have studied the language before are able to choose it as an option in the Third Form. There are always a handful of students who take it on to GCSE level and occasionally beyond.

Latin in the Lower School

All students are introduced to the language, history and culture of the ancient Roman world using the "So You Really Want to Learn Latin" course (NRR Oulton), introduced in January 2016. Pupils will be given a firm grounding in the basic grammar and structure of the Latin language and will be encouraged to examine the links between Latin, English and the modern Romance languages. They will also gain an insight into the Romans' view of their own history from the Trojan war onwards.

Latin in the Third Form upwards

OCR is now the only exam board offering Latin GCSE. From 2018 onwards, the GCSE will consist of one language paper carrying 50% of the overall marks and separate verse and prose literature papers accounting for 25% of the marks each. Students will continue to gain a thorough grounding in Latin grammar and syntax so that they can begin to read Latin authors in the original part way through the Fourth Form. Roman history and culture continues to be taught throughout the course, principally through the reading of adapted Latin historical texts.

Latin in the Sixth Form

OCR is also the exam board for AS and A2 Latin. The AS course is divided into language and literature (one prose and one verse set text), each examined separately and carrying equal weight. The A2 course is also divided into language and literature (two prose and two verse texts studied in depth), carrying equal weight with two papers in each.