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Studying Government & Politics at Bloxham School

Government & politics appeals to those who enjoy discussing and debating current affairs and it enhances pupils' understanding of political events, issues and institutions. The course also helps develop communication skills and the ability to argue a case with relevance, clarity and coherence.

Politics in the Sixth Form

The AS Syllabus – UK politics: people & politics and governing the UK - focusses on how the British public interact with the political system through elections and pressure groups. The concept of democracy is also explored and an evaluation of whether or not the UK is truly democratic is made. The Institutions of State are also studied in the second unit, including the Constitution, the effectiveness of Parliament, and the powers of the PM and Cabinet, and the power of the Judiciary.

The A2 Syllabus - USA politics: representative processes in the USA and governing the USA - investigates how elections operate in the US and whether the cult of personality is more important than party politics. The extent to which the Republicans and Democrats are different is investigated. Furthermore, the ever increasing significance of pressure group influence is examined in light of the American democratic system and racial tensions are considered at length.

Politics is about arguments; there are lots of pupil led debates on all the important essay areas in the classroom. Political theory remains largely unchanged but our examiners demand lots of contemporary evidence for how they are applied today, consequently there is significant use of the internet for keeping up to date with American news whether in print media, broadcast news or viral clips on YouTube.