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Studying Drama and Theatre Studies at Bloxham School

In drama pupils learn how to create theatre from scratch, become truthful actors, work with others as an ensemble, and explore both contemporary and ground-breaking texts throughout history.

Drama in the Lower School

In Lower School, lessons focus on practical exploration, with the aim building students’ confidence.  Throughout the First and Second Forms students explore a variety of forms, including: slapstick comedy, studying Charlie Chaplin as an influence; physical theatre, creating a theme park ride; storytelling theatre, using Jack and the Beanstalk as a stimulus; and text-based work, exploring Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Blood Brothers by Willy Russell. Throughout the course pupils are introduced to key GCSE terminology and strategies to enhance the depth of the performances created.

We take pupils to see live theatre at the RSC and provide the opportunity to work with a professional theatre director.

Drama in the Middle School

The focus of the lessons continues to be on practical exploration while students further enhance their skills. In the Third Form lessons will cover: physical theatre skills, enhanced through a mask theatre module; an improvisation module, challenging pupils to think spontaneously as a range of characters, exploring status, tension and comedy; and text-work.

At GCSE we follow the Edexcel specification. Again, we attend trips to see the best contemporary theatre including at the nearby Warwick Arts Centre, RSC in Stratford, Oxford Playhouse and The Royal Court, London. Two-thirds of the GCSE assessment is through practical work, with written coursework accounting for the other third.

Drama & theatre studies in the Sixth Form

We continue to follow Edexcel in the Sixth Form. Students are taught in a collaborative environment that develops their confidence, self-expression, creative-thinking and team-work. Students are exposed to a range of inspiring professional theatre and are given the opportunity to work with professional theatre directors, as well as to participate in an extra-curricular performance programme. Drama is recognised as a strong subject choice for students thinking of studying an essay-based subject at university.

Drama scholarships

Here at Bloxham, we are proud to offer Drama Scholarships. Drama Scholarships are offered 11+, 13+ and 16+ and more information can be found, including entry requirements, on our scholarships webpage.

Teaching staff

You can find out more about our teaching staff in the Meet the Team pages.