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Studying Business Studies at Bloxham School

Business activity affects us all, whether as consumers, employees, shareholders, savers, borrowers or entrepreneurs.  The importance of its influence on our lives is ever-growing and changing.  All pupils, whatever career they choose to pursue, will be affected by what is studied in Business Studies.

Business Studies at GCSE

Business Studies is offered at GCSE and we follow the Edexcel Business Studies syllabus. We help students learn how to identify a business opportunity and then in Fourth Form guide them to put their idea into practice. This includes brainstorming for an initial idea and then writing a business plan to support it. In the Fifth Form we look at how to build a bigger business. Students are taught about all the different aspects involved in running a business: marketing, finance, operations and human resources.

Many pupils at Bloxham enjoy watching Dragons’ Den and The Apprentice and this has inspired them to learn more about being an entrepreneur. The subject is also brought to life through talks from entrepreneurs and a factory visit to Jaguar Land Rover.

Business Studies in the Sixth Form

Again, following the Edexcel Business Studies syllabus, in Lower Sixth we develop business ideas and how to manage a small business. All aspects of running a small business are covered: marketing, finance, operations and human resources, as well as how government and the state of the economy can affect the performance of a business. In the Upper Sixth the focus shifts to large companies and as well as looking at how firms make strategic decisions pupils also study a unit on the opportunities and threats that come from being an international business.

We run a Business Club in the Sixth Form, where students hear first-hand from entrepreneurs and managers and we also go on a factory visit to Butchers Pet Care. We take part in the national Young Enterprise scheme and in recent years our Young Enterprise teams have won awards for innovation, financial management and best trade stand.

Business studies can be studied alongside a wide range of other A Level choices.  It most naturally complements geography, politics, DT and PE, though can offer variety and work-related skills to any student. The subject prepares students for the world of work in general and offers access to a wide range of higher education courses in business, finance or management and for many courses that have a business or vocational element. 

In addition to A Level, we offer an Level 3 Advanced CTEC qualification in Business. This course will provide learners with the opportunity through applied learning to develop the core specialist knowledge, skills and understanding required in the business sector. 

Assessment is a mix of internal research projects, assignments and external exams. Students must pass all componentst to pass the course.