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Careers and Future Focus

At Bloxham our focus is on preparing our students for life beyond the school gates, helping them to develop the core skills and academic qualifications they need to succeed in their chosen path. It is the job of our Careers Department to help them identify what that path might be, inspiring them with information about the vast number of career choices available.

We offer a school-wide, co-ordinated approach to careers education, which starts in the First Form and builds throughout the school career. The framework helps each individual to develop the self-awareness and employability skills necessary to make the best-informed decisions at each stage of their academic journey and into their future. Throughout their school careers, students will take part in a comprehensive programme of careers-focused lessons, one-to-one guidance sessions, interactive events and careers fairs, guru lectures and workshops (with industry experts and business leaders), breakfast club meetings with local entrepreneurs, interview training, skills-based profiling and CV-writing. Work experience is strongly encouraged and pupils are given support to find placements in relevant and skills-directed working environments.

Our Careers Department works closely with external careers advisers, teaching staff, tutors and housemasters/mistresses to ensure that each pupil is given complete, multi-tiered support, including support when making essential decisions, including GCSE options and A Level selection.

Of particular interest to Sixth Form students, our Careers Department provides support for UCAS admissions and GAP year planning, and can offer advice about alternative routes into work, via Further Education, apprenticeships or traineeship schemes. We recently enjoyed a fascinating UCAS and Further Education conference with a variety of guest speakers who gave insights into various aspects of these have kindly provided their presentations and notes. To view these documents, please follow this link.

Follow the Bloxham Careers Department on Twitter here or to view the Bloxham Careers Newsletter archive, click here.

If you'd like any further advice regarding apprenticeships and what they can offer you, take a look at The Apprenticeship Guide, offering advice, vacancies and the latest news. 

Future Focus

Future Focus is a two-day event aimed at helping to prepare Lower Sixth Form pupils for life beyond Bloxham School. Whether a pupil is keen to apply to university, to undertake a Further Education course or to secure a Higher Apprenticeship, we ensure that our pupils will be guided through this process. During the Future Focus event, the normal academic timetable is suspended and all Lower Sixth Formers are given the time to hear impartial advice from a wide range of experts, whilst also developing the practical tools that will enable them to make the next steps, whatever they may be. Starting after A Level trial exams, pupils will undertake a programme consisting of activities ranging from lectures, workshops, guided research opportunities and online registration for UCAS (including apprenticeships and overseas applications), practical Q&A sessions, plus advice on student finance and gap year travel safety. 

The aim of Future Focus is to inspire and inform Bloxham School pupils about the full range of education, training, employment and volunteering opportunities available. Throughout the two-day event, pupils will: 

  • Gain further training on how to use ‘Unifrog’ online software to successfully search for university and apprenticeship courses.
  • Receive practical help in completing UCAS applications (including online registration).
  • Receive training in preparing an outstanding CV & covering letter.
  • Learn about various interviewing techniques with tips on how to succeed.
  • Be given tips and advice about email etiquette.
  • Become more informed about gap year options in terms of working and studying abroad.
  • Learn and appreciate the importance of personal safety whilst travelling abroad.
  • Learn about the current labour market, its future changes and related employability skills.
  • Hear advice from local employers about the recruitment process and tips for how to effectively manage personal identity online.
  • Be shown how to utilise a wide range of resources to make well informed decisions.
  • Hear from apprenticeship organisations and learn how to apply for an apprenticeship.
  • Gain inspiration and advice from entrepreneurs in order to help understand and obtain the skills needed to succeed in selfemployment.
  • Consider the importance of personal branding and online identity management.
  • Learn about student finance, tuition fees, loans & grants. 

Overall, the aim of Future Focus is to help Bloxham School pupils make well informed decisions about education, training and work options in order to help them realise their full potential.