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Activities, Societies & Clubs

We offer an extensive range of activities, societies and clubs to engage our students’ interests and to teach them new skills. Pupils are encouraged to experience as many activities as they can – some will simply have a first taste, but others may go on to discover a real talent for something new which they can develop and enjoy throughout their lives.

'Taking part in the activities on offer here at Bloxham gives you a chance to learn something new and just do something completely different for a while.'

Academic Enrichment

A number of academic societies are on offer which run in tandem with the curriculum at Bloxham. Our academic enrichment activities give students the opportunity to extend their learning outside of the classroom. This could include participation in the English, history or scholars' societies, MCAT, or supervised study options. 

Community Services

All Lower Sixth students participate in the Community Service Programme, a year-long commitment which helps them to develop confidence, communication skills, empathy and humility. From helping primary school children with literacy, to assisting with local food banks, students are given the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in, and make a valuable contribution to the wider community. 


Students have the opportunity to take part in a fantastic array of clubs at Bloxham. Whether its animal club to coding, to film society or scrabble, there is plenty on offer for all our students! 


At Bloxham we offer an extensive range of physical options for students looking for more sports based activity. This includes the main sports such as hockey club, netball club or tennis coaching, as well as more niche options for students to try, such as meditation, fives or cheerleading. 

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