The Bloxham Day

Sixth Form students have individualised timetables, depending on their mix of subjects and some degree of autonomy over where they choose to study. Lessons are a mixture of individual, group and whole class work with the emphasis firmly on the student to take control of their learning and becoming fully integrated in to their learning experience.

Each student has between eight to 10 study periods per week where they are not in a timetabled lesson but are expected to work independently in either the library or the Stewart Sixth Form Centre. Time management and organisational skills are essential and help is available for those who require some extra support.

The busy Bloxham week is firmly focused on academic endeavour, however with the vast range of activities to choose from plus at least three games’ sessions a week there is also a great deal of variety and opportunity to further interests outside of the classroom. From 7.00pm to 9.00pm there is quiet Prep time in studies in Houses where essays, notes and reading are expected to be completed.