OB Artwork Wins Cover Competition

Congratulations to OB Charlotte Gridley (Ry 10-17) who's Isolated painting has won the front cover competition for Specialist Crafts catalogue.

"'Isolation' is one part of a triptych I painted in oils on three separate square wooden panels for my A Level, externally set task, final exam piece. I chose to isolate the main features of my model's face. They appear as torn paper fragments on a blue background to exaggerate a feeling of segregation and mystery. The eyes are my favourite panel and the most successful one of the three. I believe this is because I have always focused on eyes, whether it be perfecting them more than any other part of a painting, or doodling eyes to pass time. Hyper-realism is a style I have practised for many years in graphite and this was my first genuine oil painting. It took several attempts practicing with the oils before arriving at this final piece and I am flattered for it to be chosen as the cover of the Specialist Crafts catalogue." - Charlotte Gridley. 

A fantastic achievement and one which will give Charlotte huge exposure for her artistic pursuits, especially as she starts an Art Foundation course at Leeds University this month. 

Well done!