Fantastic Engineering Workshop by Developers of Jet and Rocket Powered Supersonic Car!

Bloxham School Engineering Worskhop with Bloodhound SSCExcited chatter and a competitive buzz were all that could be heard coming from the VLR on Monday morning, as lower school students worked in teams to build rocket powered cars, competing for the grand prize of having their team name engraved on the real Bloodhound Supersonic Car.

The Bloodhound Project is not only trying to break the current world land speed record but to do this with a super soniccar travelling at 1000mph (that's 3.6 seconds per mile)! The day started as students learnt about the project, and the basics of engineering and aerodynamics, before being let loose with a box of K'Nex to design and build their own racing cars. Students worked in groups and it was wonderful to hear them collaborating and coming up with so many ideas for their projects. The cars were put to the test using a rocket pump, and students timed and measured the distance they travelled to work out their average speed. The competition was strong, and the students put a huge amount of effort and focus into their creations, all hoping their car would be the fastest!

Well done to all of the students, and especially to First Formers, Orla R and Josie G whose car did fantastically well, winning by a significant margin. If their car was the actual Bloodhound it would have travelled at 611mph!  

Thank you so much to the team from Bloodhound SSC who gave the students such an exciting day that they will remember for a long time!