Pastoral Care at Bloxham School

Bloxham is justly proud of its excellent reputation for pastoral care. From Third Form, all students join one of the senior houses. There are four boys’ boarding houses and two girls’ boarding houses, with British and international students mixed together in each.  

The boarding houses are the key to happy living at Bloxham, providing the students with a familiar and friendly base to return to when they are not in lessons or activities. Along with communal common rooms and kitchen areas, each student has a study bedroom. The houses are very homely, with a dedicated Matron and Assistant Matron to care for all their domestic needs. 

All students have a Housemaster or Housemistress, as well as a tutor, who are responsible for their academic, pastoral and social welfare. International students are given additional support, particularly when they arrive at Bloxham. This can be practical help about life in the UK e.g. how to phone home or open a bank account; useful tips about school life e.g. how to use the Library or IT system; or extra information about lessons or activities.  There is always someone to turn to, whether a tutor, fellow student or one of our peer listeners, a team of student counsellors trained to give help and advice.

More information about our houses is available here.

"Overseas boarders are swiftly made to feel part of the school community, and pupils take the initiative in making sure that significant festivals that would be marked in their home countries are recognised in the house." ISI

Guardians for International Students

All international students should have a UK-based guardian.

There are a number of guardianship agencies specialising in this type of care and we recommend that any you chose is accredited by AEGIS. If you would like more information about guardians, please contact our Admissions Office.

International Students' Induction

We understand that studying in a new country can be a daunting prospect and we work hard to help students from overseas to feel comfortable and at home at Bloxham.

We offer a separate induction for international students, prior to the start of their first term. This is a wide-ranging programme, including activities to familiarise them with the campus and what to expect from a typical lesson, to practical advice on how to open a bank account or even use a knife and fork! The induction programme also gives students the opportunity to explore and get to know the school before the rest of the community returns for the new school year. And it is an excellent occasion to make new friends!