Christian Values

As a Christian foundation school, the spiritual development of our students is core to our educational values. Your child will be encouraged to explore their beliefs, their place in the world and how they can be a force for good in their community. We use Christian values to help students develop a moral compass to live their lives by.

Since our founding we have had links with the Woodard Corporation and follow the Church of England tradition. However, most importantly, our spiritual life is not only lived out in the Chapel or in formal acts of worship, but is evident in the good relations between pupils, staff and the wider community. At Bloxham we aim to develop "spiritual intelligence" alongside intellectual and emotional intelligence, where students can think for themselves, question what they believe and formulate their core values, perhaps for the rest of their lives. We encourage positive relationships and compassion for others, and demand that, like the Good Samaritan, students are of service to others when help is needed.

Although the school has been built on a Christian ethos, those of faith, no faith and other faiths are welcomed and Bloxham openly encourages understanding, diversity and tolerance for all.

Bloxham offers a distinctly Christian education based upon an optimism that Christian values can be taken into the world and that our young are the hope for the future.

".... the school has excellent levels of success in encouraging pupils to develop as individuals whose characters are firmly grounded in good principles." ISI

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