Development of Character

Of all our hallmarks, the Development of Character is perhaps the hardest to encapsulate, but it is core to how we educate our students as the development of a young person’s character is paramount to their future. In a world where the pursuit of oneself can become the chief goal of so many of our young people, it is refreshing that at Bloxham we aim to educate students to understand the concept that ‘others come first’.

Our broad and balanced curriculum, along with the experience of being part of a boarding community, creates opportunities for our students to be of service to others, to lead by example, and to be part of a team. Through sport, creative arts, academic endeavour and being part of the house system, students develop resilience, tenacity and an imaginative approach to solving problems. By working with others they learn to communicate, to listen, to be generous in their support and to develop empathy.

It can often be many years after leaving school that a young person really understands why the development of character was so integral to their education. It matters for the rest of their life.

"The school is highly successful in meeting its aim to nuture the development of character within the framework of sound values." ISI

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