Rugby at Bloxham continues to go from strength to strength. All boys at the school are encouraged to play and all year groups are invited to join pre-season training, prior to the Michaelmas Term.  

We regularly field 11 teams on a Saturday, an A and B team from each year group. Every team has a member of staff as their main coach, and this is supplemented by outside specialists who all have level 2 or 3 RFU qualifications. This new initiative has had instantaneous results, with the U14’s and U15’s becoming county champions in 2012-13.

The boys’ physical development is closely monitored and there are individual gym programmes available for any boy who wants one.

With rugby being a key part of Bloxham School, exceptional players are rewarded with scholarships. Assessment takes place at 13+ and 16+ and awards are available for both internal and external candidates.