Bloxham School offers the chance to play Fives as as an activity throughout the year and it is offered as a minor Games option in the Lent Term. 

When played as a Games option, fixtures include playing against the likes of Rugby School and Radley College. Teams also compete at the National Schools' Championships at St Paul’s. House matches are held during the Michaelmas Term whilst the School Singles Championships take place in the Lent Term.

At Bloxham, we currently have around 30 students who take part in Fives training, including beginners in Exham House. Coaching is available for players at all levels of the game.

Very few schools still offer Fives as an option so the students here at Bloxham are fortunate to have the chance to take part in what is one of the oldest and most historic of all public school sports, and one which has been played at Bloxham since the 1860s. The school's current courts, two large and airy Rugby Fives courts, date from 1909. It's thought that the rules set out by The Bloxhamist magazine in October 1881 could be the earliest anywhere in existence.