Combined Cadet Force

The Combined Cadet Force (CCF) is a national organisation which exists primarily in schools to give its members exposure to military activities, adventure and leadership training, within the safety of a formal and controlled environment.

Within this context Bloxham CCF aims to develop a young person’s powers of leadership, promote team spirit and qualities of responsibility, resourcefulness, self-reliance and a sense of service to the school.  A pupil may not necessarily be the greatest academic in the classroom or best player on the sports pitch, but girls and boys can, and do, achieve success in the CCF.  A little background knowledge about the Services, with no requirement to have any interest in joining them, is also provided. Every year a small number of Upper Sixth Form leave Bloxham School, hoping to follow the Services route, via university. Being a member of the CCF offers platoon members interested in a career in the Services the opportunity to gain valuable experience and advice.

CCF is a voluntary after school activity. It attracts three quarters of the Third Form, who are the first year group eligible to join. Once signed up, pupils are expected to stay for a year, demonstrating the commitment necessary to balance the investment in training and equipment. Thereafter, a good number go on to try one of the many activity choices available to the Fourth Form and above, thus developing their leadership qualities and skills further and achieve more. This keeps our numbers healthily at roughly a quarter of the Main School.

The full benefit of CCF to those who stay on is significant. Those who show commitment, enthusiasm and skill soon progress through the ranks to NCO’s and SNCO’s, enjoying the kind of responsibility that is not routinely known to pupils. They command sections, teach lessons and on camp or on exercise lead by example, as they guide and teach the junior cadets how to administer and look after themselves and foster their team/section spirit. With responsibility of rank, they mature and become very useful members of the Contingent and indeed, the school.

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