A Broader Curriculum

Our broader curriculum ranges from main stream sports to minor ones, and from music, drama and art, to astronomy and kayaking. Tutors play a central role in helping students find a programme which will stimulate and challenge.

Every child is encouraged to participate in all areas of the school curriculum and are particularly encouraged to ‘have a go’ at activities they have never tried before. As they progress through the school they gain more control over their programme of study and by the Sixth Form we envisage that that every student will have found an area of school life in which they can be passionate and take a leading role.

We do not believe in simply paying lip service to sport, the performing arts, or clubs and societies, but see them as an integral part of every student's education; these are important learning mediums. Academic rigour sits high on our agenda, but it is complemented by our broader curriculum to develop qualities like resilience, communication, team work and tenacity to help your child succeed in his or her chosen path. 

To view the Bloxham School Broader Curriculum Booklet, please click here.

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